Gamma Robotics is a developer and manufacturer of robotics and provider of unmanned aerial system solutions in the following sectors:

  • Geodesy
  • Mining industry
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Energy industry
  • Public roads/forestry/water management
  • Construction and urban development
  • Environmental protection and ecology
  • Response and support in emergency situations

We offer the following services:

  • Aerial photography, thermal imaging models, survey of linear object
  • Orthophotos/topographic plans/digital terrain models/cadastral maps and NDVI maps
  • Video surveillance and aerial monitoring
  • 3D terrain and spatial models

We have our own fleet of unmanned aerial systems that can be available at your service any time of the year. Aerial data processing and visualization technologies enable us promptly acquire and analyze orthophotos, digital terrain models and 3D models with a centimeter spatial resolution.

Our team includes professionals with many years of experience and relevant background in geodesy, geology, mining survey, agriculture, construction, transport, urban development, cadastral management, etc.

Gamma Robotics is an official representative of Geoscan Group.

Postal address: 105318, Moscow, st. Shcherbakovskaya, house 3, floor 3, of. 316

Telephone: +7 915 061 87 33

Telephone: +7 913 985 36 89

Moscow, st. Shcherbakovskaya, house 3, floor 3, of. 316