Target Q

    • Long flight endurance lets enhance the quadcopter utilization efficiency in one mission (up to 90 min
      with a payload).

    • The UAV flight range is extended up to 35-40 km. High performance of a vehicle.

    • Consistent HD video and telemetry is up to 20 km. If out of communication, it will go on the flight
      mission and automatically return to the taking off point (and/or a landing target).

    • The modularity of the payload suspension makes the UAV use more versatile, the opportunity to use
      payload of up to 3 kilos greatly increases the vehicle functionality.

    • All the advantages of vertical take-off and landing system enable you to use the vehicle in limited space.

    • Reliability tested in adverse operative conditions, high safety thanks to double parachute system
      Adapted professional software improves steadiness and stability of quadcopter control, which allows to
      efficiently control one vehicle or a group of UAVs at the same time.

  • Technical specifications

    Duration of flight Up to 90 minutes
    Maximum range for HD video, telemetry and control 20 km
    Maximum payload mass 3 kg
    Maximum route length 35-40 km
    Speed of flight 0-70 km/h
    Maximum takeoff weight 12.5 kg
    Safety system Double parachute system, dust and water protection by standard IP43
    Maximum allowable wind speed 15 m/s
    Navigation RTK L1-L2, GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou
    Max. flight height 3000 m
    Resistance to temperature conditions from -30 to +50 ° C
    Take-off / landing vertically in manual and automatic modes

    Universal suspension for payload.

    Exact controllability (both by one device, and by the group of UAVs), roll minimization.

    The use of composite materials - adds strength, wear resistance - therefore - increases the reliability of the structure, and also reduces the mass of the model - thereby increasing the flight time and weight of the target load.

  • Default supply scope

    • unmanned aircraft (UAV) with a dual-frequency global satellite navigation system (GNSS) with equipment and parachutes;
    • target hitch with a gyro-stabilized suspension with a SONY A6300 / SONY RX1 camera; 
    • 30 Ah battery, 2 pcs.; 
    • ground control point (NPU): a tablet with a GPS antenna, a laptop, software for coordination of the BVS complex; 
    • charger; 
    • case for transportation; 
    • user's manual.

    Additional payload

    • camera;

    • video camera;

    • thermal imager;

    • magnetometer;

    • gas analyzer;

    • georadar;

    • echo sounder and other equipment.

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