3D-models of the terrain

Creation of geographical location based photorealistic 3D-models of urban and natural environment. Tridimensional modeling is carried out by means of aerial photography from UAV Geoskan and modern algorithms of photogrammetry processing in Agisoft PhotoScan Pro.

Highly detailed, geographical location based 3D-model of the city is the unique informational product. It can find application in provision of Information System Designed for City Planning with basic data regarding the terrain. It is also used for development of leveling and land marking projects, actualization of the standard plan with scale of 1:500 — 1:2000, large-scale cartography, control of land use, solution of environmental and operative problems.

High precision tridimensional models provide exciting possibilities for urban planning. Being comparable to results of aerial laser scanning according to precision, they perfectly fit for measurement of buildings dimensions, determination of visibility zones, calculation of volumes and development of profiles.