Aerial photography

We are offering you our services of aerial photography and processing of materials with receiving of orthophotomap, altitude matrix and 3D model of the terrain. Shooting is carried out with the help of UAV Geoskan by professional full-frame photo camera. Photogrammetry processing is carried out in Agisoft PhotoScan Pro. As per results of the aerial photography following products are developed:

  • As single file or in form of tiles. Formats – geotiff, jpg, png, GoogleEarth KML\KMZ
  • Processed Digital Model of Terrain. As single file or in form of tiles. Separate building and standalone vegetation are excluded. Formats – geotiff or kmz
  • 3D-model. Texturized geographical location based model of the terrain. Formats – obj, 3ds, vrml, dxf, collada, pdf
  • Digital Terrain Model (altitude matrix). As single file or in form of tiles. Includes buildings and vegetation. Formats – geotiff or
  • Thick points cloud. 1 point per 1 — 16 pixel of initial photo. Formats: obj, ply, txt, las, e57, u3d, oc3, pdf