Digital model of the terrain

Digital surface model (DSM) is represented by the data aggregate (planned coordinates and altitudes) regarding multiplicity of its check points. Aggregate can be represented by separate digital terrain model (DTM) and digital contours model (DCM). Digital information about the terrain is very convenient for presentation and storage in electronic form.

Tasks fulfilled during the utilization of DSM at stages of designing and construction:

  • Designing of different maps “in the air” (slopes steepness, slopes exposure, etc.)
  • Plotting of horizontals
  • Calculation of squares (for example, square od territories flooding) and volumes
  • Analysis of areaАнализ, terrain surface, inclination and exposition of slopes
  • Plotting of hydrographic network, etc.
  • Watching of data in three dimensions
  • Monitoring of terrain condition and objects at the terrain
  • Control of carried out scopes